Question: Leaderboards/Team Rankings

Hello fellow engineers!

FIRST of all, I wanted to wish everyone good luck tomorrow and in the next six weeks!

Secondly, does anyone know how the leaderboards/team rankings at competitions are produced? What is the algorithm? We were developing a system for scouting and wanted to attempt to reproduce the rankings at any moment instead of having to walk down to the pits and look at the screen.

Any help on the matter is appreciated (:

Thanks, and good luck again!

The ranking system during qualifications usually changes yearly – even if win-loss-tie are weighted the same, often tiebreakers are completely different. Make sure to check the Tournament or Game sections (forget which off-hand) in the manual tomorrow for your answer.

I have no idea on the algorithm and all of that stuff (pretty sure it changes game to game?), but I do know they post the standings on the USFIRST website under that particular event.

go to that link, pick an event, and there should be a row with a link to the standings. They update just like the ones in the pit, but no more running back and forth.

The algorithm is described in the tournament section of the manual. However, often the data to reproduce the results is not always available.

5.3.4 All Teams in attendance are seeded during the Qualification MATCHES. If the number of Teams in attendance is ‘n’,
they are seeded ‘1’ through ‘n’, with ‘1’ being the highest seeded Team and ‘n’ being the lowest seeded Team.
The FMS ranks all Teams in decreasing order, using the following sorting criteria:
1st order sort Qualification Score
2nd order sort Cumulative sum of AUTO GOAL points
3rd order sort Cumulative sum of CLIMB points
4th order sort Cumulative sum of TELEOP GOAL points and FOUL points
5th order sort Random sorting by the FMS

Most of that data isn’t available except via the FMS twitter feed which isn’t always reliable. If your scouting team has internet access to get the FMS twitter feed, you might as well look up the standings on the FIRST website, which are updated after every match.

Thank you! I was looking for more of a function to plug into but I guess they won’t just “give” us that, I have to do some searching!

Thank you! We will do that this year

Thank you for the information! This helps a lot! We are mainly just creating our own version of the rankings based on what we like the most, I was just curious for how they determine them!

Of course Joe is quoting the 2013 ranking procedure. As other posters mentioned above the ranking it changes year-to-year.
The ranking procedure for the 2014 game will be published tomorrow around 16:00 UTC.

I’m trying to figure out why you all would need the rankings in a scouting system. Not that it’s not a bad thing, but if you are spending time developing a scouting program shouldn’t it be more geared to individual robot performance? As for the rankings I use FRC Spyder during the day if I get curious on the rankings. It is usually reliable unless it get overloaded by users. You could write an algorithm in which each ranking order for the game(like last years that Joe posted) is a variable a,b,c… Then set it up to where standing is the greatest “a” if team 1 a= team 2 a, then b etc. but that means you will be inputting a lot of data that you might not need. Again it’s a preference and good luck this season.

Just make sure someone on your scouting team has an Android or Apple based smartphone and download the FRC Spyder APP…it has been our experience that it is just as current as the scoreboard.

I see the above poster beat me to it…but all that information is available through Spyder - no need to reinvent the wheel.