QUESTION OF THE WEEK!!! [09-09-01]

QUESTION OF THE WEEK!!! [09-09-01]
Hi all, after talking to different people online about their team involving in team-building/skills-training activities, I started to wonder if other teams around the country also have activities of their own for veteran and new members to get to know each other better. I believe teams usually use local event as part of their schedule to attract new members, telling them, “We start off this year of the team by competing in this mini-competition… etc.” So, with that in mind, here is the question of the week:

**QUESTION 9/09/01: ** What events/activities do your team participate in to start the season, and do you use the first meeting of the year (when your new members officially become part of the team) as an introduction to that event?

Come to think of it, I am also wondering when do people have their first meeting of the year…

Have fun,
-Ken Leung

P.S. I am open to suggestions of any questions you want as the “QUESTION OF THE WEEK!!!”… So e-mail me at and show me what you got… :wink:

My team uses River Rage to introduce new team members to the program because it usually falls around the first two weeks of school. Also to get the rookies aquianted with the veterans we run fundraisers, like carwashes and stuff that help the team bond together, (trust me, spending 4 hours trying to raise money with people oyu don’t know real well, helps you bond alot and gives soem good memories :). ). Our first meeting of the year is generally the first friday of the new school year, since we meet every friday afterschool. We use this meeting to show rookies what first is all about and show them competition footage, then we go into team business which will pertain to everyone, not just rookies.

We usually don’t use preseason comps. to get new kids interested. We just go to them to have fun, and get one last thrill for the year.

And we won’t have a team meeting anytime soon; the teachers here are still on strike.