QUESTION OF THE WEEK!!! [11-04-01]

Hi all. Sorry for yet another late question… I’ve been extremely busy with midterms (YES! I really do go to school and study!). Anyway, I’ve been talk to people about how their team is tight on money this year. Seems like it’s been tough for everyone these days… With that in mind, here’s the question of the week…

QUESTION 11/04/01: Where are you getting your fundings this year, and what is your best fund raising method beside applying for grants and getting companies sponsorship?

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-Ken Leung

P.S. I am open to suggestions of any questions you want as the “QUESTION OF THE WEEK!!!”… So e-mail me at and show me what you got… :wink:

Well, my team just hosted a robotics dinner, which was $125 a ticket. We invited a bunch of businesses and venture caplitalists. We actually made about $6500 from it (though I’m not sure how). Other than that, we’re doing entertainment books, candy, and we’re thinking about doing an auction and/or a chinese auction. Well, this is all outside actualy sponsorships and whatnot. But, that’s what we’re doing.


Something different we have done is one year during the summer a group of us made a turn table for a really old car… The project came out great and made quite a bit of money if i remember…but this was just something that we got “lucky” and had the chance to make…

Made it for this car—>(i think)
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Our team hasn’t had much luck geting much in the way of corperate sponsorship. We have had, however, lots of people donate raffle-able items. We’ve made a few kilobucks that way. We have also struck a deal with one of the local pizza places to give 15% or so of sales on one day to us. That’s a popular tatic amongst many of the clubs at our school. Of course if you want to draw lots of attention to your team, try a topless car-wash… don’t wash the top unless they pay extra! (Disclaimer: We haven’t tried this…)