Yep, I’m a day late because I forgot about doing the Question of the Week. So I’m not the best fill-in Ken. Sue me. :-p

Anyway, given that the team forum is Wednesday, what are the most important issues that need to be addressed during the team forum?


The most important issue is to find a way to keep the teams threatening to leave FIRST with us, without sacrificing what FIRST is about.

We don’t want FIRST to be WCW to Battlebots’ WWF. We want to be …uh… Greco-Roman? Yeah - FIRST is to Battlebots as olympic wrestling is to the WWF. Because FIRST takes years and years of training, has less exposure, is harder, and is ultimately the better game.

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looks at verdeyw’s post


Anyhow, I think what needs to be adressed is the level of competitiveness in the next competition.

Wasn’t this basically the question of the week on 7/1/01?


sorta i think it was tom. except if my memory serves me i think the other one was about who should be allowed to go.

either way, i think that the one thing that needs to be addressed is tv-friendlyness. a tv-friendly game will keep the teams who are threatening to leave with us. it will also help to furthur first’s ultimate goal of promoting engineering and creating engineers.

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**Wasn’t this basically the question of the week on 7/1/01?

~Tom~ **

It sort of was but I wanted to be more direct about it. Plus I realized I needed to post a question of the week this morning so I didn’t have too much time to think about it (it was late as it is). So give me a break. :slight_smile:


I think the biggest topic should be about nats. If it will be limmited, if it will be at Epcot again, will it be in more than 1 place, etc… You get what I mean. I also agre with the viewer friendly idea. If it takes the mc forever to explain the game for the web cast no one will want to watch it.

Need simplicity of the game and simplicity of scoring be stressed again? That’s my big request.

~Tom~, who had to use a palm pilot program while the other alliance was competing just to get a good idea of what score they were going to get.