Question of the Week!!! (9/26/04)

Hi everyone,

Time for the question of the week…suggested by Kyle from team 45 (Kyle45).

**Question of the Week (9/26/04):

What are the biggest rivalries in FIRST?**

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Have fun!
-Andy Grady

12 Volt Batteries vs. Water Games.

Although I was a rookie this past year, I noticed some rivalries. The biggest rivalry I saw was 71 and 45. It seemed like, to me, that we always ended up playing them in eliminations and wanting to just dominate against them…but we never did. HAHA It’s not really a hateful rivalry in my book, but one that mixes things up and makes it fun to watch. Hope I don’t “ruffle anyones feathers” with my comments.


I don’t really think I’ve seen rivalries, per se. FIRST is about teamwork and respect. Also about helping one another out if anything goes wrong or if one team needs something that another has. Rivalries should not take place, nor should that word even exist in the FIRST vocabulary. That’s not what FIRST is about, nor what should occur in FIRST.

That’s a tough one because teams work together way too much to really be rivals but in one of my classes at RIT I had a kid who used to be on Team 27 Rush Robotics and they identified Team 68 Truck Town Thunder as their hated rival.
I have a feeling Team 126 gealfirce and Team 121 the Rhodes Warriors are on each otehrs lists as well.

team 25 and team 222, although its more of a rivalry of love… we love pounding on each other, and whats great about it is, no matter what happens, its all in good fun,
its like a hs football rivalry w/o the hatred

121 and 173 (Everyone loves Ricksta)
121 and 88 (Everyone loves Aquatread)

No love lost between those.
Gotta love the way my boys from Rhode Island make friends!

There’s a whole lotta love in this post… you betcha.

254 and anyone, and 60 and anyone.

It really seems like there’s a target attached to their robot, that everyone wants to shoot at.

The Red Sox and the Yankees…

Ohh wrong forum…

I would say the greatest rivalry is between Team 71 and everybody who hasnt won the national championship. :smiley:

Swampthing (179) and SPAM (180)… they are sister teams… and great friends… always helped each other out… but when it comes to competition… its on… :slight_smile:

Rivalries tend to be short lived because of the constant rotation of students.
The 121 - 173 was pretty bad that portion of a year, but after a few years, most of it is gone.

I would also have to say 365 - Anyone used to be. Mainly, cause MOE is so boisterous that everyone wanted to quiet them. :slight_smile:

As for Human Rivalries-Me and Fin are duking it out right now. Over a few topics, but they shouldn’t be discussed here, or ever again, well at least until I’m dead.

Id also have to say Martians vs Las Guerrillas for one major reason. They might not be actual rivals, but in the past 2 seasons, they’ve both made it to the national finals(on separate alliances) and both won and lost.

There was always a sort of rivalry among the UTC teams, at least in New England. But it was morefor bragging rights, being able to say that you were the best UTC team. I would imagine that it’s the same with other companies that sponsor more than one team.

Ooh… I was there - BC3 - 2 years ago.

But, it’s all water under the bridge now.

I would say a good visual rivalry would have to be between MOE (365) and BUZZ (175). Can you say “sunglasses”?

Also, on that note… TJ^2 (88) and Wildstang (111) for the fight of who has the most tye-dye.

I really dont see much rivalry in FIRST. I dont think that my team (111) has much rivalry teams either. The only thing I can think is us and different (or another) team having tye-dye hehe :yikes:


I would say that there is a small Motorola rivalry between 111 and 108. It has somewhat died out, but back in my freshmen year (2002) there definatly was some tension (especially because we were pit neighbors that year at EpCOT).

45 vs. 71 is the best rivalry in FIRST. They always seem to meet each other in the big matches, and they are always hard bought, battle to the end.

Team 188 and their upstart rival of 1114. It seems that the little sister is always trying to outdo the parent team. Bring it on!!! :wink:

Kyle, you are right, there is a healthy rivalry between 45 and 71. Both teams seem to enjoy it. I think that rivalries are good as long as the competition is left on the carpet. When rivalries turn into teams not liking each other, it is not good.

I am biased, but I definitely agree. The 45-71 rivalry goes way back. A few years ago, Brian Beatty and I sat down and figured out just how many times we went head-to-head, but I have lost track. I’ll try to summarize the history between these two teams:

1996: Team 71 starts their journey in FIRST, after being mentored by members of team 45. Team 71 is #1 seed at National Competition.

Midwest Regional: Team 45 allies with team 111. This duo is soundly defeated by the alliance of team 71 & team 27.
Great Lakes Regional: The alliance of 292-45-235 is beaten in the semi-final round by the 71-27-?? alliance after a tough 3-match set. The final match was decided by a DQ.
National Championship: The alliance of 45-111-84 beats the alliance of 221-71-27 in the semi-finals, in a rough set of matches

West Michigan Regional: Alliance led by team 71 wins the regional
Midwest Regional: Alliance led by team 71 scores a national high score of 710 in the semi-final rounds against an alliance led by team 45

Midwest Regional: 71-107-519 alliance meets 111-45-79 alliance in the finals, 71’s alliance comes out on top after some incredibly bad breaks for the 111-45-79 alliance.
IRI: (hosted by team 234, 45, 393) 71’s alliance is DQed in the finals. Head referee is lead engineer on team 45. (that would be me)

Championship, Archimedes Division: Alliance of 71-494-435 beats alliance of 716-45-1272 in a hard-fought, 3 match final.
IRI: The finals brought together the alliance of 71-980-269 against 234-45-447. The 71-led alliance came out as the winners, again, after a 3-set match

This rivalry is healthy. We help each other out often, as we share tools, experiences, and ideas (not all, but some). Speaking for team 45, we greatly respect our friendly rivals from the north, and we look forward to many more years of competition.

We have never allied with team 71 in the finals of any competition, while we have been against their alliance 7 times. We are 1-6 in this matchup. It sure would be nice to be with these guys for once.

Andy B.

384 has a few good rivalries and a few bad. I’ll let you guys figure out them, since I’m more of a positive guy concerning cross-team relations.

That’s exactly what I was going to say. It seems like most teams don’t really appreciate the whole dominating-and-winning-absolutely-everything show they run…Hmm…

But, you have to admit, it’s considered a great accomplishment if you beat them in a match.