Question of the Week!!! (9/3/04)

Hi everyone. Time once again for another (late) Question of the Week…

**Question of the Week (9/3/04):

Other than your own team, if you could spend a year on one team, who would it be, and why?**

As always you can suggest questions through me by e-mail ([email protected]), AIM (QuietRiverRage1), or PM.

Have fun!
-Andy Grady

I guess I’d be interested in spending a year on a rookie team. I could be the Ghost of Seasons Past. (yeah, the reference doesn’t work so well since the teams haven’t had a past, but bear with me.)

But barring that, I’d be interested in working with 1398 (Keenan HS here in Columbia). These kids came out of nowhere and swept up all of these awards (Imagery at Peachtree and Rookie All-Star at Palmetto), not to mention they’ve got this sheer energy that rivals that of many veteran teams. (I could hear them quite well on Archimedes. And they were in Curie!) I just can’t say enough good things about them…they’re going to go places in FIRST.

As for a more veteran team, I can’t say for sure. There are just so many teams who have done so well over the years that it’s hard to say I could learn more from one than the other. And then there’s the question of what I’d want to learn. If I wanted more experience for the robots, I’d go with 71 or 237, both of which can build simply mind-blowing robots. For the inspiration stuff? 47, hands down.

Oh, wait. You wanted one. I’ll get back to you on that.

At this point right now, i am very happy with my own team. My team gives every single of us every oppurtunity that we are willing to accept. but if i had to be on any other team other than mine… i would love to work with Swampthing (179) or SPAM (180)… they are both sister teams with a lot of inspiration. Just not working with their own team, they go out to community and help others. Another team that i would love to be on is 1083. only in 2 years they have gained a lot of reputation. thats just the florida teams. other than that i can point out several teams out in the whole nation i would LOVE to work with. First choice being Technokats (45), other that that team i would go for 25, 33, 71, 234, 236 and there are probably many more great teams. Yes i do know that the question asks for one team, but its really hard to choose only 1 of them out of over 900 teams… :slight_smile:

They have obviously figuered out something special. I want to learn from them.


I’m with Dave.

They’re an awesome bunch of people who do crazy stuff every year.

Too bad I didnt go to SJSU :slight_smile: (Not really)

Just like Arefin, I cannot be any happier with my own team right now. However, if given the oppurtunity to work with another I would go with team 233. They are a team that always comes up with amazing robots, has great spirit, and always show gracious professionalism. Out of Florida, I would chose team 111. It would be really interesting to see how another Motorola team does things different from my own team, and they build amazing robots as well.

Other than my own team…I would probably want to be on 71 or 111 just because their teams seem to be really cool! But the winner for me is 234. They are a team that “silently” takes over a competition. (Such as 2004 IRI.) Other then that, from what I have seen they always play clean and never purposely do something that not gracious or professional. :slight_smile:


One team that I would probably be interested in joining is team 25. Just because, I’ve seen the team (not just the robot) in “action” before and they seem to be the type of team where I would fit in quite nicely and people that I would get along with. I also already have friends from that team which is pretty cool.

(But who am I kidding, the real reason is that I want that “oh so colorful” shirt they have :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyway, there are a lot of great teams in FIRST and for me … it doesn’t matter as much what team I’m in … just as long as I’m still in FIRST. :slight_smile:

I’d like to join MOE so I could learn how to motivate the students into having team spirit (and it always looks like they are having fun!)…

I can’t really give you a number because I don’t know a number, but I know there are teams out there who fit the description for a team I would choose to be on other than my own: I would want to be on a team from a low-income community, inner-city or boondocks, a team comprised of kids who really need to know, that despite being labeled “lower class”, their worth is priceless. Winning a competition is great, but seeing kids who never thought they had a chance before suddenly discover a brand new future would be the most amazing experience.


Blasphemy! No, just kidding…

Well, I never really thought about it. I don’t think I can survive on another team as well as I can on 384. I guess we have something special here.

So, no, there is not another team I would be on this year.

234, 254, 45, 222, sooooo many teams out there to learn from

i want to spend a year on 103, they are an amazingly well oiled machine the go to competitions and know exactly what to do it amazes me

I would honestly love to be on ChiefDelphi.

To be tutored by the great Dr. Joe, the Mikes, and to have the team spirit they are capable of would be a dream come true. I’m very fond of that team from Pontiac, yes, indeed. P.S. - There’s a whole handful of guys on there that more than deserve the WFA, and I am a pretty good writing tutor. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I would switch teams. I am extremely happy on my team, and there’s no other team I’d rather be in.
But if I had to choose, I guess I’d go for a team that has struggles, has few students, is maybe a rookie team, that needs direction, etc. I find it to be a challenge, and different from the team I’m on. I mean, sure, we all have struggles, even veteran teams. But I find that newer teams have bigger and more difficult struggles and problems. I figure any struggling, hard working rookie/new team. =)

Hmm, I don’t recall what team number it was, but there was a team across from us (#121) at the pits in Atlanta that had this wicked awesome automatic transmission display all set up. That was really cool. I’d love to be on their team so I can meet and pick the brain(s) of whoever came up with that. Also 494 (I think it was) had another really cool centrifugal CVT that looked rather impressive.

So those two because they have cool transmission ideas, and I’m a gearhead. :smiley: Also 126 because they’re all around cool, as well as 273 and 1350 (Rambots!).

Oh, and the team I’m trying to start here at BYU :wink:


Team 33 had the automatic transmission this year. I dont think there were any other teams that did, but I may be wrong :slight_smile:

Hmmm… Epsilon Delta (116) would be cool, what with having the Hint-meister as a mentor, not to mention being the source for an inordinate amount of FIRST humor. 1257 (Parallel Universe) because they come across as Cool People ™ on FIRSTwiki.

Chatsworth, 22, they are so cool and they do wonders for FIRST!

330, they’re just awesome!