Question on Ball Mate Feature Onshape

Hello everyone! I’m new to Onshape, and I’m trying to CAD a robot arm just for practice. Ball mate feature proved to be a super useful feature in connecting pieces together because it can turn 360 degrees; I connected the grabbing mechanism and the robot arm together using ball mate. However, I found out that it is not possible to set XYZ restrictions on a ball mate. While it’s good that my grabbing mechanism turns freely in the assembly, but it’s also bad that the grabbing mechanism rotates too much, which causes it to overlap with other parts. Since it’s not possible to set restrictions, is there anyway to limit the freedom in pieces connected with ball mate, so they wouldn’t rotate all over the place and would stop at certain point?
Thank you very much for helping; I’m new to CAD; truly appreciate it!

If you still need a look/review, private message here and I can give you my Onshape account to share it with.