Question on "defending"

If you store a Tetra on your robot, does it count as being a part of your robot now, example: If we put one on our robot and another team knocks it off is that a penalty?

Another question, is it descoring if a tetra gets knocked out of the bottom of the goal? Will we be penallized?

I don’t think an opponent that knocks a tetra off your robot would be penalized. Like last year, robots weren’t penalized if they stole the big 2x ball out of another’s gripper…

No, tetras inside a goal CAN be descored… they only count for points if they’re inside the goal at the end of the match.

The answer to your first question is a giant maybe. The rule governing it is <R25>. It is legal to block or push on the tetra in your possesion, but it is illegal to grab the tetra and pull you over. For my interpretation: If it is sitting on the robot loose, there wouldn’t be a penalty for grabbing it off. If it is attached to your arm and they pull on it and the arm releases nicely, no penalty. If they pull your arm off will pulling on the tetra, then there would be a penalty.

<G18> governs descoring tetras, both when CONTAINED and when STACKED.

<G18> ROBOTS can remove or displace TETRAS CONTAINED in a goal but cannot remove TETRAS STACKED on a goal… is that what you ment, becuase you can take out tetras from under the goal just not the ones that are on top or “caped” if you could not take out a tetra teams would not be able to take away or re take control of a goal with out putting in more of there own tetras.

or even gave the big ball into some ball receiving chute thingys :stuck_out_tongue:
well so if that plan worked. hmmm if you can ‘accidentally’ crown 40lbs of tetras over a robots arm, that would be rendered useless. well nvm im going to bed now