Question on DoubleSolenoid Port

Hello guys! We are a new team and when we were trying to code the pneumatics, we found ourselves unable to identify the forwardChannel port and the reverseChannel port for the DoubleSolenoid we have. Does anyone have experience of using this type of Solenoid please tell us where we can find such info? Thanks a lot!

You need to wire those solenoids to the PCM’s solenoid outputs. On each double solenoid (the solenoids with two input connectors), one side is forward and the other reverse (you get to pick which is which).

The 2 single solenoids at the bottom of the picture look like the terminals are sheared off… you will likely need to replace those.

Which model of solenoid are you using? If you’re using a normal 5 port double solenoid with a double acting cylinder, one way to find out is just hook it up to a double acting cylinder and see which way the cylinder actuates. The solenoid may also have documentation that came with it that tells you which valve is open when the cylinder is on.

But like Peter said you can just choose arbitrary ports for forward and reverse, and then switch the tubing if your cylinder is actuating in the wrong direction.