Question on Joysticks in Hybrid mode

I was wondering if the Joystick is even able to be powered when the Robot is set to run in Hybrid mode? Or Is it going to be powered and just sit there waiting. Also, Is the Hybrid IR Code going to run in the Autonomous Mode? Just wondering how the rules define this…

Commander Gix,

The joysticks will be connected to the Operator Interface and you won’t be able to touch them during Hybrid Mode (must stay behind the line).

In autonomous mode the OI ignores the joystick feedback.

The IR Sensor is hooked directly to the RC to you are by-passing the OI.

Hybrid Mode is just this year’s name for the controller’s Autonomous Mode. Any code you want to be running during Hybrid Mode will need to be put in whatever Autonomous function your program framework provides. IFI’s 2007 default code has User_Autonomous_Code(). I think the WPILIB and easyC equivalent is just called Autonomous(). Kevin Watson’s C18 3.0-compatible code provides Autonomous() and Autonomous_Spin().

Yes, the joystick is powered. The OI is plugged into the competition interface thing the whole time. However, at the beginning of the autonomous code, all of the OI are set to neutral (you can’t change that part), and so are of no use to you. You can, however, receive input from whatever you have on your robot, including onboard digital I/O switches if you want to switch between autonomous modes beforehand. You can also get sensor input and send output to motors as normal.