Question on Material of Bottom Panel for Climbing (Based on Lego Climbing Video)


Hello CD! Our team is currently trying to climb to level 3 with a four bar mechanism, or the lego climb video that was posted earlier this season. And some teams have posted their climbing videos on another post:
However, I haven’t seen any discussion on what teams are using for their bottom panel. We have been using a half inch plywood. Although it has been working very well, we’re trying to find something that is lighter and thinner. What have teams been using? Does anyone have good ideas for the panel?
Thanks in advance!


What “bottom panel”? Most of the ones I’ve seen have metal tubing or angle pushing against the L1 surface. If I were to use anything other than metal for this, it would probably be a better gripping surface, such as a soft rubber/plastic bonded to that metal structure.


We are using steel parts. There are some interesting things about the design, that make the amount of friction between the base and the HAB plastic kind of important. We seem to need it to be able to slide, but just a little bit.


If you look at this photo, it has a plywood on the bottom as their panel to support their robot for climbing.


Do you mind sharing a little more about the design? Is it a steel plate? Or is it some kind of special shape you made?


Two pieces of 1" steel angle. But we’ve been playing with adding other things to it, to modify the friction.

And we’ll start over again tomorrow, when we get our HDPE panels, to try it on.