Question on Possesion

Hey guys I was wondering what the rule call would be on for a robot that uses a high power blower to maneuver soccer balls around the field and into goals. Would this break the 1 ball possession rule if you moved multiple balls around? or would it be called possession at all? because the ball is not staying in a relative place to the robot.

I doubt they’d call possession. I’d ask Q&A, but I think it’s going to be legal, assuming construction isn’t illegal.

That said, you may wish to grab a leafblower and a few soccer balls and experiment a bit, just to see if in fact it’ll work. If it doesn’t work with a leafblower, most likely it won’t work with whatever you can rig on a robot.

While you are correct about the leafblower. What if you then took the nozzle and made it smaller. You are decreasing the affected area, but strengthening it at the same time.

Just food for thought.


Yeah I grabbed a few soccer balls at my house and my leafblower and experimented. I did put the nozzle on and it really made a big difference. It was able to push the balls at a strong velocity.

Then I did a distance test with it. I was able to push balls from 37.5 feet away!

I am not quite sure as of yet how to implement this onto our bot. But I am open to suggestions. A strong blower combined with a good maneuvering base like a swerve could be a really good bot. Especially since it will allow you to perhaps score and control more than one ball without breaking the possession rule.

That’s a rather clever manipulator idea I must say. The bumps are going to force you to only go after balls in one zone at a time, but you could still blow a batch into the next zone, then cross over yourself and march them across the field.

Now the question is does it provide any decent amount of accuracy?

The accuracy is okay but not the best.
Having one on each side of the bot would create a “channel” of wind to keep the balls contained inside.

But I can really see this as a excellent defense/scoring bot.
If a bot is heading to score and you just get the right angle on it their ball would roll right out from in front of them. Causing them to reposition to try and score again. Plus then you just blow balls out of their zone into the scoring section.

But then you could also score on your goals as you would funnel all the balls in your area into the goals without breaking the possession rule.

Any thoughts on how to implement this?