Question on rule 7.5 G21.

Can I get clarification for rule G21? I’m unsure what this rule is implying. If there is anyone who can rephrase this rule for me, that would be amazing. ☆*:. o(≧▽≦)o .:*☆

You can’t push a pile of fuel or gears up against your opponent’s airship or loading station to deny them access.

It’s basically saying you can only use game pieces for scoring and not for assisting with other tasks of the game

I guess it also means you can’t use a gear as a “reaching stick” on your robot so you don’t have to climb as far to reach the touchpad. That would be using a game piece to “ease” the$@#difficulty of the challenge.

I would say:

You can only use Game Pieces as intended (not just scoring), and not for assisting with (or making more difficult) other tasks of the game.

Let’s say you strategically place gears on the floor to keep the other alliance from getting to hoppers to release the 100 balls, or as Doug suggests, placing them under your opponent’s ropes so they can’t reach it and climb. That could be a violation of G21. Intentionally placing gears on the floor is not an intended use of the gears.

An example of breaking this rule last year (2016) would to be to push boulders under the cheval de frise so that the flaps wouldn’t move anymore, and thus making a greater challenge for your opponent to cross the cheval.