Question on SysID Data

I was using SysID to collect data from our robot. Is it normal to have data like this?

That negative ks value seems off. That should be the minimum voltage to spin the motor

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We’re testing the robot’s drivetrain, but instead of driving forward, it was taking a sharp right turn. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to have an effect.

Tank drive I assume? It might help if you’re able to get it driving straight. You could try redistributing the weight, or maybe check the wheels on both sides and make sure one side isnt more stiff.

Could it be an encoder issue as well? When I’m driving the robot in teleop, it can drive straight, it’s just when I’m using sysID, the driving isn’t straight.

It could be, Im not super familiar with the drivetrain sys id

Could i see the parameters you passed in?

Sorry for not responding, I think we might’ve had an issue with the gearboxes so our right side wasn’t driving as fast, but thank you for the suggestions.

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