Question on Tetrix moter and what can be modified on them??

I am having issues with finding an answer about whether we are able to modifiy the gear box given to us with the tetrix moters?

Rule: R47 A. The Mounting brackets and/ or output shaft/interface of the moters may be modified to facilitate the physical connection of the moter to the robot and actuated part.
Dose this set in stone that we are unable to modifiy anything like the shafts holding the gears in place or the spacers in the tetrix gear boxes?

I am aware of the latest update in team update #7 about what can be spicifically used.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer on this issue also any solutions of altering the 1:52 gear ratio that is already set in the tetrix gear box would be of great help since we are having difficulty with this as well.

I am alsio sorry for any spelling errors that you may find anoying.

Always a good thing to keep up to date on the QandA

do anything you want to the gearbox