Question on the code

Hello everyone,

Can you plz tell me if i can run my 2006 FRC code onto 2004 controller just for testing. if yes would i have to change my OI of 2006 to 2004.

Thank you very much
Bilal Shahid
Team 1219

Everything is basically the same (might be some differences in firmware, but I’ve never encountered any problems with doing that). You will have to change the “Robot Controller Settings” under “Options” (from “FRC 2006/2007” to “FRC 2004/2005”), assuming you’re using EasyC. Not sure how it would work with MPLAB.

Download the 2006 code and look at “Using_Last_Years_FRC.txt” and try to backtrack all the changes they’ve made. If you didn’t do large ammounts of code you can possibly just copy and paste it. :slight_smile: