question on the pressure pad sensors

iv just been reading through the manual and i don’t exactly get what special stuff we need to do to our robot in order for the whole pressure pad thing to work.

your human player has to be standing on it for your robot to work; if he/she gets off the pressure pad your robot is disabled until he/she gets back on the pad.

You don’t have to do anything special! That feature is control by the Competition System! Just make sure the Human Players only leaves the pad when the robot is within the loading zone.

yeah i get that but do we need to do anything so that the competition system will be able to disable it properly?

nycpunk, I’d assume not (that you’d have to do anything special) since they have a connection to your robot controller (they can override you at any time). If that was the case, they would not be able to disable your robot for penalty infractions that require it.

cool thats what i was wondering about. thanks