Question regarding G106 after the match has ended

I know that robots in the hanger zone must not be taller than 5 ft. 6 in. Our robot’s climb mechanism is physically able to extend further than this, but is programmed not to while climbing. However once the robot is disabled it slowly moves downwards which eventually brings it to a height of well over 6 ft. My question is whether G106 still applies after the match has ended and our robot has been disabled, which would mean we would need to add a disk brake using valuable time and weight. I’m not sure what the rules say about this situation, a few ideas are that:

  1. Robots may not extend further than 5 ft. 6 in. until well after the match has ended (meaning we need to add a brake of some sort)
  2. G106 only applies while the match is in progress (which would be very nice)
  3. There is some sort of rule that requires robots to stay within their legal maximum height for a certain number of seconds after the match has ended, probably somewhere between 3-10 (this seems like the most likely case to me but I can’t find it in the manual)

Is it one of these? Thanks in advance for your help.

I’m going to strongly suggest that you ask this in the official Q&A.

Q132 is close–but it’s only the “descending” not the “how far”.

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Thank you, that answers my question

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