Question Regarding Solenoids

My team is having some issues with our solenoid, and we were hoping for some information regarding it. Is the POV Solenoid 2way? And if so, how are both sides powered?

Not sure what a POV solenoid is. But you are talking about the Festo First Choice solenoid that has two solenoids on it… As for as the electrics & programing are concerned, it is two separate solenoids. First make sure of the voltage. Current 2013 year is 24VDC. Wire your solenoid valve breakout for 24 V.
You power one side at a time & the valve shifts in that direction & stays there until the other side is energized. (bistable operation) You only have to energize the solenoid for a fraction of a second for it to operate. It does not hurt to energize it continually, but only energize one side at a time.

There is a manual button next to the solenoid plug. You can use it to see what side does what.

So are they programmed with two unique RefNums?

And yes they are the Festo solenoids you mentioned

Yes they will use two outputs on the solenoid break out. They will be referenced separately in code.

We’re energizing one side continuously–once we set the solenoid, it just stays that way until the driver wants it the other way.

Would it use less power if we energized one side for a fraction of a second and then went to a neutral (neither side energized) state? Is there a downside to doing this? (If the pneumatic is pushed hard enough, will the valve move to the other position? Would it be stable in that state?)