Question regarding the goalie zone

This is probably in the rule book somewhere, but I have been unable to find anything about it. Are robots allowd to enter the opposing team’s goalie zone during auto or teleop mode? Thank you.

Q & A question #331

Q. What happens if we contact a goalie bot from an opposing alliance during auto mode…does G15 still apply? And for clarification, if the goalie touches us rather than us touching the goalie bot, does the opposing alliance or our alliance receive the penalty?

A. If the opponent ROBOT is still in the GOALIE ZONE, G15 has not been violated by either ALLIANCE. The contact only results in a violation of G15 if the opponent ROBOT is not in contact with its GOALIE ZONE.

Edit: The question applied to contact in the goalie zone, but to be more specific, no. robots do not have a restriction from entering the goalie zone in either AUTO or TELEOP.

I’m still confused as to whether or not our robot would be allowd to fully enter their goalie zone, regardless of whether or not the robot is making contact with an opposing robot.

You can enter the goalie zones at any time. You just can’t go over 5’ when inside 'em unless you ARE the goalie.