Question regarding to Battery Packaging

Our original battery packaging and styrofoam caps were inadvertently thrown away by school maintenance personnel. Can anyone help with what our options are?


ID: 1554
Q: How can we get another cardboard box with packing for the battery?
A: You will need to purchase a single wall box small enough to fit your batteries and slide into your crate battery box.

ID: 1380
**Q: **Our original battery box has been misplaced, what packing arrangements can be made to allow us to ship the batteries inside the crate, or must we transport separately?
**A: **Please visit the FIRST website, then FIRST Robotics, then Documentation, then Robot Transport. If you have lost your box, then you must at least use the same packing method. Place your battery in a box and mark it appropriately with “Non Spillable Battery Enclosed.” Your terminals must be insulated. A sheet of foam board is preferred.