Question regarding Web-site Design Deadline

“Teams must enter their website into by 11:59 p.m. EST on February 12, 2009 to be evaluated. Each team’s website is eligible for the website awards at every regional event at which the team is competing. The website must be complete and functional by the date of submission.”

Ok, so here’s my web-teams question…once the site is submitted, must it become static or can we still make updates (photos from remaining build days etc.)?:confused:

You can make updates - but you do not know when the judges will view your site. They have from after the submission deadline until an undisclosed date before the regional.

I would get as much done as you can before the submission date and submit early. You can edit after, but there is no guarantee a judge will see it.

Thanks for the answer. We are mostly done but wanted to make sure we could continue to do updates with photos ect. :smiley:

The sites aren’t cached, Judges view live links, and can be viewed anytime after the Feb. 12th deadline.

Good luck!