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Posted by Anton Abaya.

Coach on team #419, Rambots, from UMass Boston / BC High and NASA, Mathsoft, Solidworks.

Posted on 9/4/2000 1:53 AM MST

Awards are great. They bring out competitive spirit in everyone and I am beginning to realize their benefits.

My question is:


How many do you give out? What are they called? How many students do you give it to? What if you have several who worked equally hard…etc. I’m not a teacher (mere college kid who was crazy enuf to start a team) and would like some help with this.

I am looking to award the many students this year and actually give them the recognition they deserve. I regret not thinking of this earlier as we have some students who need recognition for dedication or even substantial contribution. Better late than never… (i’m planning to give it to them at kickoff…make a note lora :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks all.

-anton abaya
team leader
rambots, #419

Posted by Erin.

Other on team #1, The Juggernauts, from OTC-NE and 3-Dimensional Services.

Posted on 9/4/2000 11:09 AM MST

In Reply to: Question to ALL teams… posted by Anton Abaya on 9/4/2000 1:53 AM MST:

Hi anton-

online and awaiting your arrival my massachusetts mechanical maniac.

The Chairmans’ award committee on my team (ALL 3 OF US!!) aka the captain, the video guy, and the human player gave away awards to our team members. We started out with sincerity (a real unusual thing for us) and then we realized that since it IS A TEAM AND EVERYTHING IS A TEAM EFFORT that we couldnt single out one person for having outstanding ability in an area- since no one ever did anything alone.

So what we did was mock award- kindof like the yearbook ones- specialized to fit every team member. Instead of making the award names and then deciding who should get them- we took the names and figured out what best represented them.
For example- Bret got the ‘big ugly’ truck award because everyone loved his big old ford truck.
Mike (nacho) got the ‘Most likely to send you a computer virus’ award- dont ask.
Billy got the ‘most gullible award’- trust me, it fit well.
Ben- (our base driver) got the best hair award. seriously, that kid has fine-tuned hair.
Yende got the prettiest luggage award and best laugh (it could cheer you up on your worst day).
James got the ‘best blow-dryed hair award’.
We made it so that nothing was insulting but rather a symbol of how close we all were and how much we knew about each other and how much we all shared together and what we all achieved together.

Just an insight. (yep, we got all dressed up too!)


Posted by Anton Abaya.

Coach on team #419, Rambots, from UMass Boston / BC High and NASA, Mathsoft, Solidworks.

Posted on 9/4/2000 11:48 AM MST

In Reply to: Re: Question to ALL teams… posted by Erin on 9/4/2000 11:09 AM MST:

we had one kid who definitely deserved an award for getting himself in trouble.

in florida, he went down to the gym late at night and was by himself. he started treading on the stairmaster machine in the gym without shoes and just socks.

somehow, he manged to entangle his sock in the stairmaster. Nobody heard him shouting for help. It was sorta funny and luckily it wasnt anything serious. then again, they had to call the fire departmen to take his foot off. hehe. a few scratches and a battered ego is what he got.



Posted by Andy Grady.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

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Posted on 9/4/2000 7:38 PM MST

In Reply to: Question to ALL teams… posted by Anton Abaya on 9/4/2000 1:53 AM MST:

Personally I gave out awards to team 42 last year in a similar manner to how Erin explained. Fun awards. A traditiion started my first year with them when a teamate and I created awards out of yellow plastic plates when we forgot to make awards for the award night. So this year with a little duct tape and those same yellow plates I made a bunch of fun awards that were based around little fun things that happened during the year. Also to go along with these awards I decided to make a trip to spencers gifts and buy some stuff that went along with the award (for instance along with the ‘Everlasting Pacience Award’ that went to my teams leader, i bought a little container full of ‘Stress Pills’ that I found at Spencers. Of course I would recommend that you get money from the team to do this, because it got pretty expensive for me.
Good Luck,
Andy Grady

Posted by David McGovern.

Student on team #349, RoBahama, from International academy and Ford.

Posted on 9/5/2000 1:09 PM MST

In Reply to: Question to ALL teams… posted by Anton Abaya on 9/4/2000 1:53 AM MST:

Our team, just as others, does give out paper plate awards to each member at the traditional end of each season (when the seniors go off). However, the real REWARD for dedication and exemplary work is being awarded a spot on the field team. Those most experienced and dedicated members who have worked on the robot from start to finish and know it inside and out comprise the field team. That way, not only are they rewarded with the wonderful experience as a field team member, but this also eliminates the necessity for engineers on the field team as the students already know how to troubleshoot the robot. This gives an incentive for most team members to work as hard as possible during the 6 week build season.

David McGovern
Team 349