Question to team 296 regarding Sundial

Hi all, I’ve heard about 296’s Sundial system, and I was wondering if you guys will be running and hosting it again this year for Archimedes.


Hello all,

Team 296 did provide the Sundial service at BAE this year, but some of you may have noticed that it was also provided officially at UTC, Boston, and Greater Toronto, independently of the team.

Following in this vein, Sundial will be made officially available to all 4 divisions at the Championship this year, thanks to the help of some wonderful people at FIRST, Hatch, and NASA.

All teams are invited to connect to Sundial’s wireless network (coverage graciously provided by NASA) in order to access match schedules, countdowns, standings (new as of GTR 2006), and match results (new as of CMP 2006). The data is being copied real-time from the scoring computers over a seperate network link, and as such will be 100% reliable.

For the details on how to connect, keep an eye out for the flyer I hope to have distributed to all the pits before Thursday morning.