Question: West Coast Products Dual-Speed Transmission availability

Does anyone have any information pertinent to when the WCP Dual Speed transmissions will be available for purchase? I contacted WCP two or three weeks ago but did not get a definitive answer. As of today there are still listed as "currently unavailable on the WCP website.

No idea, the only ones who would have that answer would be [email protected] or PMing R.C. on here.

They’re not publiclly available to my knowledge, and probably won’t be soon. Our set of four just got a FedEx tracking number today, and there have been huge delays in production largely beyond RC’s control. I’m really excited about the quality of the product, but considering it’s week 5, we’re getting very worried.

If you haven’t decided what transmission to use yet, I’m not really sure what you’re thinking. Contacting RC is the best way to get info about WCP.

We’ve designed and machined our drivetrain to use the WCP transmissions. I emailed RC a few weeks ago and asked him about the transmissions, and he told me that they had experienced some delays in production but that they would available for shipping soon. Since then I have heard nothing.

Contact RC directly as Akash said.

I know that he was waiting for a few of the oddball parts to get machined, and I believe that they all came in some time last week as we ordered some parts from the transmission ala carte and they shipped last week.

Everything everybody has said is true. Week 1 or 2 we EMAILED RC DIRECTLY asking for the gearboxes. There have been multiple delays, but hopefully people should be getting theirs in soon. We just got ours yesterday.

Hey Guys,

We didn’t publicly launch the product on our website due to the fact we wanted to make sure we could cover all pre orders. We’ve had issues with suppliers sending us incorrect parts that weren’t usable or were just utter garbage. There were times during week 1-3 where we were just going to send out whatever and hope it worked, but decided against it.

I deeply apologize for the inconvenience and waste of time. Regardless of it being a supplier issue or a demand issue (We had a certain # in mind of gearboxes and outsold by 4-5x), it is our fault and we will be doing our level best to get parts out to teams. Most teams will be getting a set of 2 gearboxes by the end of this weekend, then another set by next week.

We will have all pre orders shipped out the latest by monday/tuesday of next week overnight to each time that has ordered.

Please email me here for further questions.