Question: What If The Ball Goes out of the Arena?...

Is There going to be a net? :confused:
What happens if you shoot a ball into the Stands? :eek:

Any one got an answer? :confused:

The rule that is most closely related to this is G25, which says that they will be placed back into the arena.

There is no rule stating that there will be a net, but there probably doesn’t need to be, since the balls wont be able to go to far.

So if the ball goes into the stands they bring the ball back.Can you shoot the ball into the stands by “accident”? :cool:

It doesn’t say you can’t

Yes!i mean…Wow, hopefully that won’t happen… :cool: :wink:

a possible penalty maybe?

:ahh: aww!

First off, let me suggest that you read the rules! There is an amazing amount of really good information in them. This exact example is specifically cited in Rule <S01>.

<S01> If at any time a ROBOT’s operation or design is deemed unsafe by the head referee, it will receive a 10 point penalty and be disabled for the remainder of the match. If the safety violation is due to the ROBOT design, the head referee has the option to not allow the ROBOT back onto the field unless the design has been corrected. An example of unsafe operation is repeatedly throwing balls off the field at audience members, media personnel, judges, referees, etc. An example of an unsafe design is a shooter mechanism that has a large mass that is stopped abruptly at the end of travel and is at risk of breaking off the ROBOT and becoming a projectile.

Read the rules. The very first one answers the question.

The answer is basically “Yes, you can, but you’ll be penalized and disabled if you do it too often.”

This is why we all listen to Dave, he always has good things to say. Plus they always lead to a great end result.

The main difference between the example in S01 and accidentally throwing a single ball into the audience members, is just that, in the example, the robot repeatedly throws balls off the field…
So if you were, say to just have one ball thrown out (throughout the whole event) on accident, then you probably wouldn’t get a penalty (through that is up to the head ref).

If you are purposely creating an unsafe situation that can frighten or injure a person by turning toward them, and “shooting” a ball at a specific person or into the crowd, don’t be surprised when you are penalized, disabled and/or disqualified.