I have a Question. is it just regional winners that go to epcot or is it winner and finalist?:confused:

If your question is regarding standing in this year’s competition (2002), Regional finalists will not be automatically qualified for Nats.

If your question is regarding standing in last year’s competition (2001), Regional or National divisional winners get 3 points toward 2002 Nats, Regional or Nat divisional finalists get 2 points.

The point system is based on last year’s competitions for the 2002 National qualifications. According to the letter, “Teams may qualify through performance during the prior year (2001) based on a point system.” The way the letter reads, points from last year can’t be combined with this year’s points to go to 2002 Nats (i.e. if you had 3 points from last year and were a regional finalist this year for 2 points, you would not have 5 points total).

Kinda confusing, but I hope that helps!