Questions about a First Aid kit...

Hello All!

Allow me to introduce myself and who I stand for. My name is Adam, and I am an Alum of Team 3763, the 4H WildCards. I am also a current full-time student at NC State University. To skip all the formalities and get right down to it, I am looking for a proper First Aid/Safety kit assembly–of sorts.

I am a member of NC State’s High-Powered Rocketry Club and, with this year’s previous election, the elected Safety Officer. Shockingly enough, we do not have a well-regulated First Aid kit! Now, I was also the Safety Captain of my FRC Team, however I was given a FA kit pre-assembled when I was awarded position. My concerning question is:

What exactly should be found within a First Aid kit for such a club?

Some specifics:
-The club constructs the rocket in a lab
-The lab does use chemicals such as two-part epoxy, as well as power tools and tool stations, such as a drill press or belt sander.
-The first aid kit “should” be mobile, as we go to various launches around NC and a regional competition
-Although we work with high powered rockets, in-lab we do not use the engine, and will only have access to the engine during a launch event handled by specific personnel.
-The kit can either be buy&piece together, or a pre-manufactured kit from a hardware store or the likes of

Any and all input is greatly appreciated!

And thank you for your time,

-HPRC Safety Officer

I did rockets many years ago (before robots). We had two kits that were constructed by a guy that was an EMT. There were two separate orange boxes (I’m thinking they were Home Depot Orange Tool boxes).

One had red tape around the box and contained items for wounds. It had band-aids, gauze pads, adhesive tape, anti bacterial creams, etc.

The other had black tape and it was for burns. So it had telfa pads, wraps, etc. Most importantly it did not have any creams since the intent was that after a burn you would see a doctor ASAP and that messes up any diagnosis.

There were common items in both kits like scissors, tweezers, etc. so there is some extra cost for the duplicated items.

Check with your local EMT squad, those guys do first aid for a living, they will be happy to help you out.

A good commercial kit is probably adequate. Remember you are doing only first aide as a rule. The people for more advance care will have their own stuff Depending of the school policy you might want to strip out the medications. Some schools control over the counter drugs.

As a supplement I would include CPR breathing barriers, extra gloves. a good set of EMT shears. Maybe extra bleeding control stuff. A eye wash bottle. A separate kit for common consumables like band aides.

The other part is training. CPR, well everybody should take CPR. A 16 hr wilderness first aide course is good as well. While not everything will be completely applicable, standard first aide as devolved to don’t do anything and call 911.