Questions about collage teams.

Anyone know a complet (sp?) list of the collage’s and Universities that participate in FIRST or would there be a website I could go too? Either email or just reply.

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ahh a shower of sparks…o wait thats just sparkey moving around

there used to be a site hosted by team buzz:

It had a nice database of college teams and students who started teams there. I think it might be under construction though.

Hope this helps.


ps. try the FIRST site and look for a complete listing of teams and just look for the ones with University names :).

The host for BuzzU, as well as has been down since kickoff. The team has been working with the host company, but they have been of little help. The team has no ETA for when the website might be back up. Sorry for the problems.

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I dont know of any official list, but you can go to the FIRST site and look @ the list of teams attending the Nationals and the Regionals. Most teams have the college/ university name in it like Georgia Institute of Technology’s

Thanx everybody. Just lookin ahead to the future.


BUZZ U ( is once again fully operational – sorry for any inconvenience.

(BUZZ U was out of operation from Jan 10 through Jan17 due to some major problems with the company who serves out our webpages)