Questions about Drive Team Coach (FRC)

Hello, I would like to ask how to be a drive team coach? Any conditions or anything to do? Cause this is my first year to FRC. What would you advise?

Let’s start with: Know the rules. As the Coach, you cannot do certain things without being penalized. For details, read Section 8 of the Game Manual, but for a short version: don’t handle the Power Cells, don’t touch the controls, and don’t step over the white line before automode (reaching is OK if you don’t touch anything).

After that… It depends a lot on the team. But because your drivers will be focusing on actually driving the robot, you’ll need to tell them what they need to do, in general. You’ll also be coordinating with the other teams on your alliance. Many drivers prefer a very loose direction (something on the lines of “there’s a ball here and here, score them”) but that’s definitely team and driver dependent. You’ll need to watch out for the time–one of the displays on the far end of the field will show the current time left in the match.


Hi. we choose our coach in all our team members. Our conditions of our coach is mainly about three parts. First, rules. the coach should know basically all things about the rules, and he should know how to gain points according to the rules and how to cooperate with other team alliances. Second, leadership. we set leadership as one characteristic that our coach should have because we think it is important to negotiate and tell our driver team what to do, and follow the directions by the coach. Third, a coach should have the ability to deal with problems under high-pressure situation. We believe that this is three keys that make a perfect coach.

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As someone with some driver experience, here’s what I generally want from a coach. I need them to tell me things that I need to know but can’t pay attention too. For example, the clock, i will always need that sense of where we are at in the match. Second, scoring opportunities, this is more specific to games like 2019, but is still necessary. Third, where games pieces are, this one isn’t completely necessary, but it can speed up your cycles.

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