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Hello. I am a rising senior who has been a part of FIRST and its progression of programs starting way back in FLL and through several years in FTC and FRC. I am now going to be a rising senior and was wondering if anyone had any advice about FIRST scholarships and when/how to apply to these. On the website it seems like many of these are from the past year as most of them are expired, so I was confused on what I needed to do. Thank you and let me know if you have any guidance or suggestions.

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Scholarships open up September 1st. FIRST scholarship page just links to the different areas you can apply. FIRST itself does not offer any scholarships, but it partners with various universities, like Kettering or WPI. The FIRST Scholarships page then links to those scholarships with the various universities.

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All of them on there now are from last year, apparently the system doesn’t reload for this year until 9/1/19. It’s probably still worth a look because many schools that offered them last year will probably do so again this year.

Each one is really it’s own ball of wax, it’s entirely up to the school/sponsor how they select, what you have to do, and when the deadline is (as well as if it’s before/after you are admitted) . Some schools have these big portals for scholarship and it’s just one of the ones on there, at other schools you have to email someone to apply, sometimes there’s an essay/reference, sometimes there isn’t.

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