Questions About FIRST STRONGHOLD Features

So the game has been out for almost two days now and there is some questions my team has about the game and select interaction with game pieces. Not sure is this is being posted in the right place or not but if it is could some redirect me to the proper location. Any ways we have 2 questions.

  1. What are the rules regarding your own Secret Passage (ie. can you enter and exit from any where, at any time?)

  2. Being that you can enter a opposing Secret Passage, can you intercept the in bounding Boulders?

Thanks in advance.

I would recommend you take a careful look through the rules, and utilize the “search” feature of this forum for similar questions. There has already been lengthy discussions about almost identical questions.

Ok thanks, looked into and got the answers. Thanks for the quick response. :slight_smile:

  1. it’s yours, you can use it at any time and the other alliance can’t interfere.

  2. Absolutely you can intercept the inbound boulders. But if the defending alliance has a robot in the secret passage you’d better not touch it or let it touch you. Because if it hits you in the secret passage trying to prevent you from sniping a boulder you get a foul not the defender.

That is true… Dang that changes a few things