Questions about Hybrid Period and general rules...

  1. I am assuming we get points for any ball we knock down - whether our alliance’s or opponent alliance’s. Correct?
  2. Does a team get the 12 point bonus for having a ball on the overpass at the end of a match even if the ball was never removed from the overpass to start with?
  3. Can the robocoach send only four commands in total to the robot or is it that the robocoach can send any number of commands from a selection of four possible commands programmed?
  4. Would a team get points for hurdling during hybrid mode if it removed their own trackball from the overpass and then hurdled it over that same overpass (violation of rule G12) or must the team make a complete lap during hybrid mode in order to get hybrid hurdling points?
  5. If a robot goes the wrong way on the track during hybrid mode, is a penalty applied? (for example if robots try to act as obstacles by heading backwards into the opponent’s stretch…?)

Team 354

  1. Incorrect, you get points depending on which balls are knocked down. Only your alliances will get you points.
  2. Yes
  3. Four commands may be programmed to be sent.
  4. You must bring the ball all the way around first.
  5. Yes.

To clarify: You may have four buttons used to send commands. Each button may send one and only one command. The command set can’t be changed during a match, but may be different depending on your choice of Hybrid mode, made by you.

A button (or whatever-it doesn’t need to be a remote :yikes:) doesn’t have to send a command, per se-it can send as set of “field information”, which the robot can then act on. For example, a button might say “Ball on right side”-the robot would be allowed to react to that differently depending, for example, on where it was on the track.