Questions about Textures and Models

I wana know if we can use royality free textures or models in our animations, we are not planning so much on using models but its always good to use royality free textures instead of making from scratch. So plaease tell me if tis allowed

search before u post there are several threads about this…but in short no, u cant use any third-party stuff (unless it is from FIRST)

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Thnx i have seen other threads, but the thing that was conerning me was the definition of Third Parttextures, can i go into photospoh and make my own?, or am i jsut supposed to sue built in Materials, and if yes can i tweak the materials in material editor.

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my understanding is that u could do to photoshop and make ur own and edit the premade ones in max.

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Making your own textures is fine and using/editing the ones given to you with max is as well.

Where does it say this in the rules? I found one thread that had one person who said that, but that was just a statement, not an official answer or link to rules.

I quoted the rules in another thread, read your consent form that you should have, or are going to send in.

Under section 8.7 of the awards documentation, paragraph three (If you exclude bullets), it says:

“The entrant represents and warrants that the material is by the entrant free of any liens or claims of any third party.”

Isn’t that what a royalty free texture is?

That’s still someone elses thing, they can claim that it wasn’t free, they have rights to it, even if they say it’s free. Besides, why would you want someone elses things in your animation? It doesn’t make it worth it, you learn a lot more if you do everything by yourself (With some professional help if you need it, that’s not bad or anything.) I fail to see why anyone would want to put someone elses stuff in their animation.

does that apply to sound effects too?

If it’s third party, than yes.

THe understaning i have of Royaliuty Free, is tht everyone has permissions to use it, some stuff is even credit-ware, where u have to put credits in your movie to useit, but i want to get this all figured out, at least we can make our own textures :slight_smile:

hmmm what if the stuff is donated? like if a radio station gives u sound effect tapes or soemthing like that? i would think this is just to avoid copyright isssues or people dowloading major chunks of the animations, but it is a gray area.

Use common sense… that’s all I have to say.

Especially on the music thing, that’s where you’ll be caught if you’ve done something wrong.

For sound FX, Flashkit has lots of em, but check if its Share-ware,Link-Ware or Free-Ware.

Free-ware is no strings attached, link-ware means giving thm credit and share-ware you have to i think get written permission or buy the rights.

But you are literally just using someone elses stuff. The judges and peer judges don’t get to view credits (Atleast it says they won’t be part of the judging.) So whatever you take and put in, it’s being viewed that you made that.

Thats the reason i started this thread, i want to get it cleared, but how are we supposed to make our own Sound FX, using a MIC? i mean our school doesnt has any high tech radio rooms or any thing, textures and models i can understand cause it is not that hard…

But i think we can use the sound if we get written permission form the owner or publisher.

That just means that you can have the ugliest credits in the world and they won’t count against. you. The judges will still view the credits.

Despite your personal bias against using other people’s stuff, it isn’t illegal as long as you have written permission.

So, you’re giving the okay for people to just download the “no-strings-attached” models off of 3DCAFE, and then call it quits?