Questions for Board Membership Process

Hey! I’m a Captain of a rookie FRC team, we’re looking to have board member election by applications for next year. Specifically for VP/Co-Captain and Secretary. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for questions on the application or would mind sending their own applications so I could check them out.

Can you explain what this means? Are students submitting applications to be eligible to run in an election? Or something else?

We’re wondering what kinds of questions other teams have on their applications for leadership positions like President, Treasurer, etc.

Is this a Board for a 501c3? Are there by-laws stating eligibility?

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Its for the student board on of our FRC team.


@sgeckler is highlighting a difference between simply choosing student leadership for a team, versus choosing board membership for a licensed non-profit.

We have the former - no distinct non-profit, just selecting student leads for the team. We have a fairly flat leadership structure - two co-captains (most years) and a bunch of leads underneath them for different areas of the team.

Our captain application asks the following questions:

  • Leadership Experience with the Robettes (list title, date)
  • Leadership Experience outside the Robettes (list title, date)
  • Why do you want to be captain?
  • What qualities do you believe you have that will make you a good captain?
  • What activities do you plan to participate in next year besides Robotics?
  • What do you see as the duties and time commitment of a captain?
  • What are some improvements you would like to make to the team?
  • How would the team benefit from your leadership?
  • What would you like to change on The Robettes next year?
  • Describe a difficult situation you’ve been in (paired on a project with someone difficult to work with, interpersonal issues with a friend, etc), the steps you took to resolve the situation, and the final outcome.

This is followed by a ~15 minute interview with each candidate. The application and interview are then used by the mentors to chose our captains.

Our other leadership positions are applied for using a google form, asking the following questions. Each student can fill it out as many times as they want, for as many roles as they are interested in.

  • What sub-team/crew lead role are you applying for?
  • Why would you be good at this role?
  • Past Leadership not on The Robettes?
  • Other time commitments next year?
  • What do you plan to do as this lead?

The results of the form are then considered by the mentors and the new captains in selecting leads for each area. In doing so, we have 3 goals, in the following order: 1) Give every student a chance to grow over the following year. 2) Ensure every position is being managed while minimizing the load on any single student. 3) Chose the individuals that would perform the best in each role. In some cases, captains may also apply for other roles as well (for example, one of our captain’s this upcoming year is also our safety captain) - in those cases, that individual is asked to leave the room while the decision is made, to avoid a conflict of interest and allow open and honest discussion.

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