Questions For Chairman's Video

We are thinking of conducting interviews with our team members for our RCA video.

Are there any questions that you would recommend us asking our members, mentors, parents, and senpai?

What is your team’s story? Where has your impact been? You need to define that first and the questions will be tailored on aspects that tell the story.

Where is your greatest impact? in other words:

Is your team all about community outreach?
Do you focus on working with younger kids and building up FIRST through FLL, FTC, etc?
Do you have a great way of developing team members technical expertise?
Are you from and under-served area and your team members are given opportunities through FIRST that other kids in your area don’t have?
(write your own story theme here…)

The main topic will give you the focus for your interview questions! What answers do you need to tell about that area of impact?

Sorry for such a vague answer, but each team has a story to tell and your questions really need to relate to your team.

As stated above, this really is team-specific, but I do have one piece that I think is important:

This video will be shown if/when you win. Therefore, it should answer the question “Why did these guys win?”. To me, this means that you should talk more about the unique parts of your program, and less about the things that almost everyone does (demos, some FLL stuff, etc.).