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Hello again, So my team Is still looking at ordering a lot of T-Slot Stuff, I was wondering if anyone could help out and give us a good list to start off with. We will be using it to prototype our robot before the final build and we wanted somebody’s list of parts that have worked out great for them in the past. Thank you guys in advance!!

A lot of teams use 80/20, but we use Bosch Rexroth aluminum structural framing. To start off with, you will need the material (I recommend 30mm), brackets, and the bolts with the special t-shaped nuts. Other useful components include hinges, nylon sliders, and plastic end caps.

The self tapping screws from Bosch are also very helpful.
I would also suggest getting 3000mm of 20mm profile and 3000mm of 30mm as the different sizes can become quite useful. If you do buy the 20mm then you also will need to buy some connectors.

So 1" would be OK if buying SAE stuff? vs the 1.5"? I didn’t price the Bosch stuff, but it appears T-slot ( is cheaper than 80/20 ( ( after discounts for students/roboteers. Are they interchangeable??

80/20 will give discounts to FIRST teams. I have also heard of Fastenal giving discounts on 80/20.

YOU can also check the 80/20 Ebay page for some great deals.

1073 regularly uses builds our chassis from 8020 - the 1 inch “1010” series.

The following fasteners are the ones we use most. The price is from an order a couple years ago, but it will give you an idea of what to expect.

Part Number Price
Butterfly 3381 $1.50
Single Plate 3382 $0.21
Double Plate 3280 $0.69
Drop in 3376 $1.70

The butterfly’s are used for right angle mounting.
The single and double plates are for general purpose mounting of other items to the 8020.
The drop-ins allow you to add a fastener into the t-slot without taking an end off to slide it in.

A handful of their T plates and other corner brace plates are useful.
A handful of 1" triangles for the inside corners are also useful
(Sorry, don’t have the part numbers handy.)

You will need a variety of 1/4-20 machine screws. I recommend hex drives, and some T-handled hex wrenches.

Hope this helps.

What supplier was this order for? Also, is what you term a “butterfly” just a corner or L bracket?

Most 80/20 hardware, as far as I’m aware, has 1/4-20 threading; make sure to have a variety of lengths below 1" for mounting. Depending on the application, you’ll want either a corner or L bracket (both of which are compatible with extrusion).

Having some 1/4-20 taps on hand may prove useful as well; we occasionally find threading the center tube to be useful when mounting pieces.

You may want to buy some other materials, such as wood or lexan - cardboard even - for prototyping; there’s only so much you can do with 80/20, and it’s sort of overkill for a proof of concept imo.

Butterfly he means end fastener those are 8020 parts

Bar 1 has the butterfly screwed into the hole running down the center by tapping the hole

Bar 1 is attached to bar 2 by sliding the butterfly in like a tnut and tightening it down through a hole in the bar called an access hole

See the second page of here

Free t-slot design software here: