Hi all. Here are questions for the drivers. Hopefully they are not really stressed from finishing the robot, because they are supposed to be practicing by now. :wink: Hehe, sorry, shouldn’t have brought that up. Anyway… Here is the question of the week…

**Questions 02/14/02: ** How many practice time will you have (and already had) before shipping, and how did your team select the drivers?

Oh yeah, one more thing. What’s the best way to practice with your robot?

Good luck, and let’s finish the robots and ship them away, so we can all get our sleep back.

-Ken Leung

We have/had more then a week to practice and we choose our drivers by using old robots for time trials to start and then obstacle courses with new and old robots to see who is the most consistentn and averages best on times


No drive time yet:( but our drivers will have about a month to practice with the second robot that we are building so I guess we will be ready by the time NYC rolls around. Because we only have a month this year we are going to go with our same drivers this year since they can handle all of the pressure of driving.

Our robot was completed last night (Wednesday) and so we will have a couple days worth of practice before the “mockup competition” and shipment of the robot. I have no idea how our drivers are going to be chosen this year.

Heh pratice time whats that? Team 486 here will have #3 (year 3 that is) to pratice with for a few days and work out the kinks with it. You know just break a few things in testing, a coupling here, maybe a spike there. Fortuantely we have #2 to work with for a month. Its drive train is similar to this year so it will be good pratice. I hope I’ll be a driver, at least a back up.

…Enter witty phrase here…

I was recently nominated to be our teams ‘accessories’ driver – as in not the chasis, but all the other stuff. mmm 9 DPDT center off minis… The chasis driver and myself will likely stay late after nearly all the meetings before ship date. We will hopefully become very comfortable, but once we part with that MOE, all the spares should magically come together to make another one in a few days.