Questions on sensors in Autonomous

Hi everyone,
I’m morgeno, head autonomous programmer for team 2337. I’m trying to get hot goal code working before our next competition, but we’re having a bit of a problem. For some reason the sensor we’re using reports as a button through the custom driver station our team has set up, and it won’t work when autonomous is enabled. I’ve probed in autonomousIndependant and Periodic Tasks but neither of them report any change in the “button” during auton.

Are all joysticks completely disabled when autonomous is running?

If not, do you have any idea why it wouldn’t report?

I can post screen shots of the code in question later.



Yes, joysticks and other HID objects that enumerate as joysticks will be read during the disabled period. During autonomous, the last value of the disabled period will be sent for each autonomous period.

What sensor is it?

Greg McKaskle

I can’t think of any reason a robot sensor would act like a joystick button. Are you trying to detect the hot goal using a sensor on your Operator Console? You have the option of modifying the Dashboard program to read the sensor and send data to the robot. You can communicate values using Network Tables/Smart Dashboard variables, or you can do more low-level work to send data directly using one of the available TCP/UDP ports.