questions on window motors!!!!! need help!

We are wanting to use window motors for our arm. We have been researching how to mount them but are having a little trouble, can someone please respond. We would like to know how to mount or use the window motors!!!

There are three convenient threaded holes in a circle around the shaft. You just need three of the right sized bolts and three holes in a plate of something to bolt the motor to.

One of the window motors has a stud that sicks out from the center of the gear. This stud does not rotate with the gear. You can make a hole in a plate to stick this stud into that will hold the window motor a set distance from the gear you are trying to drive. Then you just need to use the mounting holes to keep the motor from rotating.

There should be some holes in it so that you can bolt it into where ever you need to. if not the it could be possible to drill your own by taking the motor appart and goin though the shell making sure that you can get a bolt or 2 through.

Thank you for your help, I know how to mount the motor. Do you know what size gears is on the motor and where I could get a mating gear? Any suggestions to how I can bolt a sprocket to the gear?