Questions Only


Wouldn’t one become NOT a quantum physicist the moment they observe that they ARE a quantum physicist?


Why are you asking ME?


Are we dumb?


Why do you question our intelligence?


Why do you think we are questioning your intelligence?


How come you think @Jean_H was referring to you with the word “you”?


Why do you think that @Aiden thought that @Jean_H was referring to him with the word “you”?


Why are you, @gellnick, asking me this when the only person who would know why @Aiden thought that @Jean_H was referring to him with the “you” is @Aiden?


Why are we asking whomst shall know?


Why was this thread made?


Why do you assume that this thread was made for a reason?


Why do you assume they are assuming?


Why would you question an assumption?



Is this going to be the last question?


Are you really going to ask that already?


Why are you asking if that is the last post?


Why are you questioning his actions instead of building a robot?


How can I build a robot when it is done and in a bag?


Why don’t you use the out of bag time?