Questions Regarding Motors and Buttons

Hello! I’m having a bit of trouble with getting two motors (not used for driving) to be controlled with two buttons: one to move them clockwise, another button for counter-clockwise.

The two motors are Talon SRs, and they’re both wired to separate PWM channels. Every time I enable the robot on the Driver Station, I’m confronted with errors 91 and -44007.

Any ideas? How should I wire the motors in Teleop mode in Labview?

Here’s how I tried to do it in Teleop:

To get more detail on most error codes, you can right click and choose Explain Error. Or you can go to the Help menu >> Explain Error and type in the #. It will tell you that -44007 means that the refnum name doesn’t exist. This likely means that the string is spelled differently in Begin and TelelOp. It is case sensitive as well.

Greg McKaskle