Questions regarding motors and controllers

We are having problems writing code for spikes to control motors (analog button turns motors on and off). Our spikes give us an amber light indicating no signal. Not sure if we have bad spikes or wiring or what. SO here are the questions:

On a Banebot motor (the one that came in the KoP) can we switch from a spike to a Victor (we know our code for Victors works)?

How many Victors are we allowed to use? We are using two Jags for our CIM motors and no other speed controllers. If we are going to switch we will probably need to use a combination of 2 Jags (CIM drive motors) and 3 Victors (2 Banebots and 1 Globe).

If the answer to the above two questions are 1. Yes we can switch and 2. As many as you need, then please see question three…

How many joysticks are we allowed to use on the DS?

Need help ASAP as our programmer is leaving for Italy on Sunday and our regional is the Wednesday after he returns…:eek:

  1. You can run any of the motors in the kit off a Victor or Jaguar if you want to, as long as you only run 1 motor off of each one.

  2. As many as you need (they must be documented on the Bill of Materials and fall under your total cost limit).

  3. You can use whatever input devices you like as long as they are powered by the DS. The DS has 4 USB ports so this is the major limitation on joystick usage, it is possible to wire joysticks to the analog inputs but this would take some work.

Thanks for the info!

There is no limit on speed controllers or Spikes. The limit is on motors. However, robot electrical rules dictate that certain motors need speed controllers only and may not be powered by a Spike.
<R54> All electrical loads (motors, actuators, compressors) must be controlled by relay or PWM
output signals sent by the Digital Sidecar to an appropriate power regulating device
A. Each CIM motor and Fisher-Price motor must be connected to one Victor or Jaguar
speed controller. They must not be connected to relay modules.
B. Servos must be directly connected to the PWM ports on the Digital Sidecar. They must
not be connected to speed controllers or relay modules.
C. If used, the compressor must be connected to one Spike relay module.
D. Each other electrical load (motors or actuators) must be connected to one Victor or
Jaguar speed controller or one Spike relay module.

That being said, several teams have been ordering the Banebot “RS545” motor with transmission attached. Please watch for an update on this particular motor. For now if you are using this motor combination, I would recommend using a speed controller only, not a Spike.