Questions you've been asked about robotics

In our area, not many schools have a robotics team, so a lot of people don’t automatically understand what you mean when you say you’re on a FIRST Robotics team.
What are some strange questions you have received over the months/years about robotics?

A standard level technology class was instructed to ask our team a series of questions. Here are some that they wrote down:
*- Who gets the most chicks?

  • What kind of robots yall build
  • Is yall play sports
  • Is they smart
  • Yall machines
  • Is yall robot people*

Fire away! :]

The question almost everybody asks first (which is very sad):
“Is that like that battlebots thing?”

:rolleyes: I have definitely gotten that one way too much, too. :ahh:

“Can you make something that can do my homework for me?”

My grandmother: “Can it walk around and do stuff like a human?”

Can you make it do tricks?
What it robotics?
Do you build it yourself?
What do you build it out of?

But you must understand I live in St. Mary’s county Maryland.

Oh so many…

  1. Are the guys hot?? OMG OMG?
  2. Is it good on my resume?
  3. What’s “robotics”
  4. Will I look nerdy if I join
    5-200) Battlebots…

I’ve been asked the battle bot questions so many times i do not answer it anymore. I’ve alsi been asked and I quote, “You spend HOW much time at school?!” But the best one is, since i got sick at VCU last year, “You going to get sick again?”

Oh man, let’s hope that whole ordeal doesn’t happen again. That’d be no fun lol.

Do they make you dye your hair that color?
How much do you get paid?
Why do you build robots?
Why don’t they fight?
How much does it cost?
Can it do stuff for me?
What the point of building something that doesn’t do anything?
Then of course- Do you mean battle bots?

I always get:

  1. Is it BattleBots? (grrr.)
  2. Can you make it to my homework? (no.)
  3. Are all the people on the team uber geeks? (no, but is that a bad thing?)

-“So you’re using the same robot as last year?”

-“You’re telling me you have to build a new one every year?”

From my boss, recently, as we were walking together to a meeting, “So… your son is a senior this year. How much longer will you be involved in this robotics thing???” I guess maybe I spend too much time at work on it and too much time talking about it??? :o

can i have it when you’re done? no? ill buy you lunch for a week i promise…
can i ride it?
is that a flame thrower?
how fast can it go? (well i suppose this is normal)
are those tires really pirelli? ( no this would be an inside joke)
does it have a hemi? (or 2? now that the hurricane was introduced)
do a burnout!!!
do donuts!!!
…i always wondered… burnouts are possible but does a skid steer count as a donut?

[sarcasm] “Oh, so it drives around and does stuff by itself without human control?” [/sarcasm]


Response: “Er… sometimes… when it works.”

“Girls can build robots?”
“Where do you do it?”
“Why do you only have 6 weeks”
“How can you do it with THOSE people”
“Can I join?”(note this is ALWAYS in the middle of build and once i mention atlanta, and i DO say next year)
“You’re doing WHAT for robotics???”(i’m dying my hair, well robotics is ONE of the reasons…andy)
“That’s how you know all those people from other towns?”

that’s all i have for right now…

I just got asked this question…

“So what is it that you program your creature to do?”


hahahai got that once i think…people in my school are wierd so they ask stupid questions…

i usually get asked like “wht is a robot?..does it talk?”

  1. So, it’s like BattleBots right? <No>
  2. Why don’t you make it fight? <That’s against the rules>
  3. Why can’t you make it fight? <That’s not the point of the game>
  4. So why do you do it if it isn’t cool like BattleBots? <…>

My favorite question of all time asked by “outsiders”

How much does/did that thing cost?

How can you put a price on the hard-work and dedication it took to build these machines? Of course you could give them a raw materials cost, but is that really even close to the “actual” cost?