Quick connects (22 awg) for solenoids

My team is trying to find some solid quick connects for solenoid-FESTO, we are currently using the ones from the KoP: but I worry about them breaking or shorting. What are the best quick connects for 22 awg wire?

I have usually used PWM type quick connects and plugged directly into the solenoid breakout.

If the wire isn’t long enough, I get more small wire (22-28awg) and solder it to the solenoid wire, then crimp the end to plug into the solenoid breakout.

We’re using some 28awg ribbon cable this year. We tried to find rainbow (Emily asked for rainbow), but ended up using regular gray.

Do you separate your cRIO and your solenoids often? I’m inferring that you do because you’re asking for quick connects. How many solenoids are involved? If you have three, that makes a total of 6 pairs of wires to bundle in the direction of the solenoids. Are all the solenoids you use in the same place? When you get into the dozen(s) of wires category, it may be time to think about a cable. If you can find a scrapped computer cable with DSub ends, consider cutting it in the middle somewhere and plugging the male and female shells together as your connection. Peel back the cable sheath at the other ends and make your connections to the solenoid wires and breakout board on the cRIO. All the wires in those cables are color coded, so take careful notes about which wire is connected to which place. A 25-conductor cable would handle quite a few solenoids. If you cannot find a scrap cable, bite the bullet and buy a male/female cable of appropriate length and wire count. You are allowed to wince as you cut it in two parts.:smiley:

You can make wire extensions by soldering an extra length of wire to the original wire and then insulate with heatshrink. Crimp on butt splices made for the smaller wire work to but personally, I think they are ugly.

Rainbow ribbon cable?