Quick Gallery?

Team 25 has amassed, since 2000, over 3500 pictures. I intend to put a good bit of these on the team website in an organized fashion because, well, pictures are fun. Is there any way to quickly make a gallery that would show xx numbers of pictures per page in a thumbnail format with a small title beneath or something to that effect. Essentially, how can I save myself hours and hours of photoshop time?

Can anyone reccommend a program that can do this for me? Or another means of doing so? Please help! Thank you!

I am definitely not advertizing this program, but in the past have used Mihov gallery creator, a simple and tiny little freeware application to do just that.
Good luck!

This program works fairly well. I’m having some difficulty getting it to recognize the colors that I want to use, but other than that, it seems to work quite well.

Does anyone else have any more programs? What about programs that can resize images in large quantities?

Don’t know if this is *exactly *what you want, but:

On our site I wrote some PHP scripts that let me caption and sort the pictures. I wrote another script to view the gallery P images at a time. The scripts are at:

I’ll upload the gallery scripts to the repository:


Probably one of the most popular image galleries out there is the aptly-named Gallery available at http://gallery.sf.net I personally have no experience with it, but I’ve heard people say it’s quick and easy to set up.

I need something that will allow me to set up a thumbnail index then link to images in either a new window or the same window.

And that is exactly what Gallery does.

I’m sorry, I should’ve clarified. I’m looking for a program that will do this for me. My webserver won’t support PhP, to my knowledge, and I have little to no experience with it, and thus would not feel comfortably using it. I’ve looked at gallery and its features, but it seems a tad bit advanced for what I intend to create.

You should just write your own. Learn some ASP or PHP, them some SQL Server databasing. Mix in some SQL Queries and BAM! you got yourself a gallery. Not to tough, I did it. http://www.codebend.net/robotics998/gallery.asp

I’d love to, actually.

  1. Does anybody know if Yahoo Webhosting supports PHP or ASP?
  2. Can I learn the ASP or PHP, write the code, and set everything up in t-minus 18 days? Does anyone have any helpful resources?

If you have access to Photoshop, that’ll do it for you. It’ll even make a web site - all you have to do is upload it to your web server and you’re done! Once in photoshop, go to File > Automation. I don’t have the program infront of me, so I can’t go deeper than that by memory, but once you get there - it is pretty easy. It will make thumbnails for you and arrange them in a grid on a web site for you. It creates a folder for the thumbnails and the website HTML for you automatically.

If you ever get PHP on your server, writing a gallery should NOT take you 18 days. I wrote a recursive one with comments, 4 levels of thumbnails, random pictures for the front page (the works) in roughly 3 hours. I may be able to give you a copy of it if you want.

I’ve tried Photoshop’s file automation. It works well, but won’t allow me to customize every aspect that I’d like to.

Did you do so with previous PhP experience? I have none.

If you have access to a Mac. iPhoto can also generate pages of thumbnails in webpage form. I’m not totally sure if it can do comments. It’s also not too pretty… but it works.

“Oh Daaaaadd…I’m goona need a G5 for robotix. Yeah, that’s great. Thanks!”…

I can try it? ::gulps in fear::

No, much to my dismay, I don’t have access to a Mac. C’mon there’s got to be some program out there:
(1) Simple, easy to use
(2) Thumbnail Index
(3) Fully customizable in terms of color and page design
(4) Automatic image resize or width/height cap would be nice, but not necessary…
(5) Not PhP/MySQL (Yahoo webhosting package cannot handle it)

Our team has a custom built image gallery to which members can upload pictures:

Everything is on a database back end, but users still have to upload a small image and a large image separately…

have you tried to copy another web site and change it to fit your needs.

You can always go to our web site and take a look how we set it up. We tried to make it very easy to get around


you can automatically make a gallery using front page. Just Click instert-> Picture -> New Photo Gallery Seems to do what you want.

Dreamweaver and fireworks can do exactly what you are looking for. This is how I genereated last years gallery on firstrobotics.net You can have it resize every picture to a specific size, and set the color, etc of the background. Pretty soon, all the past year’s galleries should be updated, and there will be galleries going back to 1992! (finally)


Hopefully that will help. :slight_smile: it seems to do everything you want in static html form. :slight_smile: