Quick Links to Match Results and Team Standings

*CASB Inland Empire Match Results
CASB Inland Empire Team Standings

ILIL Central Illinois Match Results
ILIL Central Illinois Team Standings

ISTA Israel Match Results
ISTA Israel Team Standings

MICEN Centerline Michigan Match Results
MICEN Centerline Michigan Team Standings

MISOU Southfield Michigan Match Results
MISOU Southfield Michigan Team Standings

NHNAS Granite State Match Results
NHNAS Granite State Team Standings

NJFLA MAR Mt Olive Match Results
NJFLA MAR Mt Olive Team Standings

ONTO2 Toronto West Match Results
ONTO2 Toronto West Team Standings

PAHAT Hatboro-Horsham Match Results
PAHAT Hatboro-Horsham Team Standings

SCMB Palmetto Match Results
SCMB Palmetto Team Standings

TXSA Alamo Match Results
TXSA Alamo Team Standings

WAAMV PNW Auburn Mountainview Match Results
WAAMV PNW Auburn Mountainview Team Standings


ARFA Arkansas Match Results
ARFA Arkansas Team Standings

CAMA Central Valley Match Results
CAMA Central Valley Team Standings

CASD San Diego Match Results
CASD San Diego Team Standings

CTGRO Groton Match Results
CTGRO Groton Team Standings

INTH Crossroads Match Results
INTH Crossroads Team Standings

MIGUL Gull Lake Match Results
MIGUL Gull Lake Team Standings

MIKET Kettering Match Results
MIKET Kettering Team Standings

MNDU Lake Superior Match Results
MNDU Lake Superior Team Standings

MNDU2 Northern Lights Match Results
MNDU2 Northern Lights Team Standings

NHDUR NE UNH Match Results
NHDUR NE UNH Team Standings

ONTO Toronto East Match Results
ONTO Toronto East Team Standings

ORORE PNW Oregon City Match Results
ORORE PNW Oregon City Team Standings

TXLU Hub City Match Results
TXLU Hub City Team Standings

WASNO PNW Glacier Peak Match Results
WASNO PNW Glacier Peak Team Standings

you guys know they’re all easily accessed with:

frclinks.com/e/m/<eventcode> for Match Results
frclinks.com/e/r/<eventcode> for Standings (Rankings)




CASA Sacramento Match Results
CASA Sacramento Team Standings

FLOR Orlando Match Results
FLOR Orlando Team Standings

MAWOR WPI Match Results
MAWOR WPI Team Standings

MIESC Escanaba Match Results
MIESC Escanaba Team Standings

MIHOW Howell Match Results
MIHOW Howell Team Standings

MOKC Greater Kansas City Match Results
MOKC Greater Kansas City Team Standings

MOSL St. Louis Match Results
MOSL St. Louis Team Standings

MXMC Mexico City Match Results
MXMC Mexico City Team Standings

NCRE North Carolina Match Results
NCRE North Carolina Team Standings

NJCLI Clifton Match Results
NJCLI Clifton Team Standings

NYTR New York Tech Valley Match Results
NYTR New York Tech Valley Team Standings

PAPHI Springside Chestnut Hill Match Results
PAPHI Springside Chestnut Hill Team Standings

TXDA Dallas Match Results
TXDA Dallas Team Standings

UTWV Utah Match Results
UTWV Utah Team Standings

WACHE Eastern Washington Match Results
WACHE Eastern Washington Team Standings

WAMOU Mt. Vernon Match Results
WAMOU Mt. Vernon Team Standings


AZCH Arizona Match Results
AZCH Arizona Team Standings

CALB Los Angeles / Roddenberry Match Results
CALB Los Angeles / Roddenberry Team Standings

CTSOU Southington Match Results
CTSOU Southington Team Standings

INWL Boilermaker Match Results
INWL Boilermaker Team Standings

MITVC Traverse City Match Results
MITVC Traverse City Team Standings

MIWMI West Michigan Match Results
MIWMI West Michigan Team Standings

NJTAB MAR Lenape-Seneca Match Results
NJTAB MAR Lenape-Seneca Team Standings

OHCL Buckeye Match Results
OHCL Buckeye Team Standings

ONWA Waterloo Match Results
ONWA Waterloo Team Standings

ONWI Great Lakes Bay Match Results
ONWI Great Lakes Bay Team Standings

ORWIL PNW Wilsonville Match Results
ORWIL PNW Wilsonville Team Standings

QCMO Montreal Match Results
QCMO Montreal Team Standings

RISMI Rhode Island Match Results
RISMI Rhode Island Team Standings

VARI Virginia Match Results
VARI Virginia Team Standings

WASHO PNW Shorewood Match Results
WASHO PNW Shorewood Team Standings

WIMI Wisconsin Match Results
WIMI Wisconsin Team Standings

ONWI Great Lakes Bay Match Results
ONWI Great Lakes Bay Team Standings[/strike]

MIMID Great Lakes Bay Match Results
MIMID Great Lakes Bay Team Standings

What is the purpose of this thread?

Its an easy way to find the links to the match results and team standings unlike FIRST’s website twists and turns and then loops to get to them.

See post 2 and 4.

There must be another reason…

I prefer the frclinks website. :slight_smile:



CTHAR Hartford Match Results
CTHAR Hartford Team Standings

DCWA Greater DC Match Results
DCWA Greater DC Team Standings

GADU Peachtree Match Results
GADU Peachtree Team Standings

HIHO MNMI Hawaii Match Results
HIHO MNMI Hawaii Team Standings

MABOS Northeastern University Match Results
MABOS Northeastern University Team Standings

MILIV Livonia Match Results
MILIV Livonia Team Standings

MISJO St. Joseph Match Results
MISJO St. Joseph Team Standings

MIWAT Waterford Match Results
MIWAT Waterford Team Standings

MNMI Minnesota 10000 Lakes Match Results
MNMI Minnesota 10000 Lakes Team Standings

MNMI2 Minnesota North Star Match Results
MNMI2 Minnesota North Star Team Standings

NJBRI MAR Bridgewater-Raritan Match Results
NJBRI MAR Bridgewater-Raritan Team Standings

NYLI SBPLI Long Island Match Results
NYLI SBPLI Long Island Team Standings

NYRO Finger Lakes Match Results
NYRO Finger Lakes Team Standings

OHCI Queen City Match Results
OHCI Queen City Team Standings

OKOK Oklahoma Match Results
OKOK Oklahoma Team Standings

ONNB North Bay Match Results
ONNB North Bay Team Standings

PAPI Greater Pittsburgh Match Results
PAPI Greater Pittsburgh Team Standings

TNKN Smoky Mountains Match Results
TNKN Smoky Mountains Team Standings

WAAHS PNW Auburn Match Results
WAAHS PNW Auburn Team Standings

WAELL PNW Central Washington University Match Results
WAELL PNW Central Washington University Team Standings


ABCA Western Canada Match Results
ABCA Western Canada Team Standings

CASJ Silicon Valley Match Results
CASJ Silicon Valley Team Standings

CODE Colorado Match Results

CODE Colorado Team Standings

FLFO South Florida Match Results
FLFO South Florida Team Standings

ILCH Midwest Match Results
ILCH Midwest Team Standings

LAKE Bayou Match Results
LAKE Bayou Team Standings

MDBA Chesapeake Match Results
MDBA Chesapeake Team Standings

MELEW NE Pine Tree Match Results
MELEW NE Pine Tree Team Standings

MIBED Bedford Match Results
MIBED Bedford Team Standings

MILAN Lansing Match Results
MILAN Lansing Team Standings

MITRY Troy Match Results
MITRY Troy Team Standings

NVLV Las Vegas Match Results
NVLV Las Vegas Team Standings

NYNY New York City Match Results
NYNY New York City Team Standings

ONWI Windsor Essex Great Lakes Match Results
ONWI Windsor Essex Great Lakes Team Standings

OROSU PNW Oregon State University Match Results
OROSU PNW Oregon State University Team Standings

TXHO Lone Star Match Results
TXHO Lone Star Team Standings


MICMP Michigan State Championship Match Results
MICMP Michigan State Championship Team Standings

MRCMP Mid-Atlantic Championship Match Results
MRCMP Mid-Atlantic Championship Team Standings

NECMP New England Championship Match Results
NECMP New England Championship Team Standings

PNCMP Autodesk PNW Championship Match Results
PNCMP Autodesk PNW Championship Team Standings







Presumably this is being used for the purpose of having all the links in one place for automated data collection.