Quick Question About Autonomous Period

For Rapid React my team was discussing strategy and came upon a question regarding how ball placement works during autonomous. To my knowledge there are 22 balls and they are divided evenly among the two teams regarding color. When the match begins each bot from your alliance has loaded a ball and there are 6 of your alliance color balls on the field. This leaves two balls for human player to have during autonomous. Can those balls be at whichever human player station we choose or do they have to be split up 1 to each side? This could potentially make some cool autonomous periods utilizing the terminal. Thank you in advance :D.

There is also one red cargo in front of the terminal on the red side (blue cargo in front of the terminal on the blue side) The last cargo is in the terminal closest to their driver station. Look at section 6.1.1 in the rule book if you need more clarification.

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6.1.3 Humans

Humans stage for the MATCH as follows:

A. exactly 1 HUMAN PLAYER per ALLIANCE stages in each TERMINAL AREA

     **a. the HUMAN PLAYER in the TERMINAL AREA furthest from their ALLIANCE AREA stages behind the TERMINAL STARTING LINE,  **

B. DRIVERS, COACHES, and any additional HUMAN PLAYERS stage inside their ALLIANCE AREA and behind the STARTING LINE, and
C. TECHNICIANS stage in the event-designated area near the FIELD.

So your human player will be at the terminal next to you with exactly 1 cargo to try and score, unless you can push more to them. While the opposing alliance’s HP stands behind the terminal’s starting line on your side. (While their HP shoots from their side and your other HP stands behind the line there)

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