Quick question about sensors..plz help thnx

Alright guys i want to know what sensors were we able to use in the event that just went (2005)

basically a list of sensors that we were able to use and not use. and possible how much they would have costed :cool:

thanks guys for the help

anybody please ?

According to Section 5 of the Manual, there were no limits on sensors that I could find except:
Cost: less than $200 US for one sensor, and stays inside the cost limits of the robot.
Weight: does not put the robot over the weight limit (last year, 120 pounds without the battery).
Must be available to any team that wants to use it.

Other than that and the size limit, no restrictions, but I was only scanning th Manual. The Manual is the number one place for what stuff is allowed/not allowed. For costs of sensors, look in the catalogs of your suppliers (try your mentors for some of them).

Sensors which were used widely are potentionmeters, encoders, gyros, hall effect sensors, accelerometers, CMU Camera and proximity sensors(I think I saw a team with them).

Don’t forget limit switches.


alright guy sthanks so basically a combination of the above. nice

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The only think I think that wasnt allowed was pneumatic pressure sensors, I think they disallowed the analog pressure sensors.