Quick question about team standings

On the FIRST website, under match standing…

What do QS and RS stand for?

I gathered that MP = match points. (or something like that… (the highest score achieved by an alliance that they where apart of ))


I’m not sure exactly what words the abbreviations stand for, but here’s what I understand about the QS and RS. [Someone correct me if I’m wrong]

QS: [Qualification Standings?]
QS = 2 x matches_you_won + 1 x matches_you_tied + 0 x matches_you_lost

This is what is commonly referred to as “Tie-Breaker Points”, different teams with the same QS are sorted by their RS.

RS = average of: # of points scored by the loosing alliance from each of your qualification matches.

[INDENT]RS = sum(N) / #_of_matches
where N = score_of_loosing_alliance[/INDENT]

The MP column shows the team’s highest match score at that event.